Product Category

Plastic and Metal Component Parts

Metal section has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying OEM products in metal and plastic (including, but not limited to filters, valves, and automotive parts, etc.). In particular, we service customers in many different industries such as automotives, military, electronic appliances and medical applications. From our experience, one of the most important factors to successful manufacturing lies in strong engineering and we would like to assure you that all of our engineers and factory operators have many years of experience working with and manufacturing metal, rubber and plastic products (either OEM parts or products made to the specifications of our clients).

We specialize in Forging, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Permanent Mold Casting and Die-Casting. In addition, we also have vast numbers of experience in squeeze casting (i.e. an advanced pressure die-casting method and is also known as “Liquid Forging”).

With respect to our manufacturing facility, our machining base includes an Axis Machine Center, CNC Turning Machines, Laser Cut Machines, Wire Cut Machines, Drilling Machines, Milling Machines, Squeeze Casting Machines (in 500 tons, 250 tons and 200 tons), and Gravity Casting Machines, etc. With respect to surface treatments, we have Heat Treatment Ovens (T4 + T6) and machines that specialize in Tumbling and Sand Blasting.

In addition, we also have a fully equipped inspection lab that controls and maintains the quality and consistency of our products. Machines in our inspection lab include Spectrometers, Salt Spray Test Machines, CMMs, X ray Spectrometer Scanner (for rubber and plastic parts), Hardness Gauges, Optical Comparators, Surface Roughness Tester, Burner Tester (for rubber and plastic parts), Air and Hydraulic Leak Test Machines, Material Testing Machines (for performing pulling, bending and pressing tests), and an Aging Oven Tester.

Our expertise in the various methods of production COMBINED with an array of production equipments allow us to make components with different casting methods and different material types.